So today I met a girl who changed the way I view life. She had a skin condition, partial albinism, a condition where 25℅ of the skin pigment didnt form. She walked around the mall with her head held high, she didn’t care whether people talked or judged her. I decided to approach her and talk to her. She told me that, 

People are quick to judge. They always approach me with a conclusion already made up in their mind so I rarely care about what their opinions are. I was given a choice to walk around with make-up to musk my skin condition but I chose not to because I don’t care what people say about me, it’s really my opinion that matters.

These were one of the most inspiring words ive heard all year. So I decided myself to walk with my head held high. With or without the scars on my face, I decided that I’m not even gonna care what people say, what they think because even if I were to explain what happened most of them wouldn’t care and most would have their own opinions already. 

So, what really matters is what you think about yourself. It’s not about what Jeff or Lone thinks about you, it’s about you. Like Lil Wayne once said, ‘ Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off.

Self Love is the beginning of true happiness. Stay blessed everyone ✌

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