​’I..I..I…I..I..’ she kept trying to talk but clearly Zoi wasn’t in the state to say anything right now. ‘Why me? Why did it have to happen to me?’ she finally uttered just before she broke into tears.
It all started with a knock on the door.

‘Lue! Check who is at the door.’ she said

‘Yes Mom.’

Zoi was reading a novel and wasn’t feeling like taking the long journey to the door. So she listened to hear who was at the door. It was all quiet til she heard Lue screaming and begging for mercy. Lost and confused, she rushed towards the door saying, ‘Lue! Why are you scr…’ and before she could finish her sentence a gun was fired. It broke her heart into a million pieces like it had gone through her heart. Confused, puzzled and scared, she turned in the other direction and ran as hard as she could. As she did so, she heard another gunshot and another one, and she knew that she might be the only member of her family remaining. She managed to go to the back of the house but there was nowhere she could run to especially with the 3 and a half metre tall screenwall. She could hear the person’s footsteps, slowly creeping towards her, step after step, slowly and getting louder by the second. Her heart nearly left her ribcage. She started squealing and crying, praying simultaneously but losing faith at each footstep. The gunman finally arrived at her location. She was under the outdoor table, he grabbed it and tossed it over like a piece of paper. ‘Please! Please don’t s…’ Bang! Went the gun and Zoi finally opened her eyes. She was sweating but at least safe in her large bedroom. ‘Geez, It was only a dream Zoi. A nightmare,’ she said to herself.

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