At Knife Point

After the September incident, I never thought I’d go through another traumatizing moment so soon. Since my friends and I moved into this neighborhood, it seems like we got an X on our backs. We’ve been living here for 9 months now and already 5 serious incidents with theives and this one was the first for this year. I guess it was a ‘Hello and welcome to 2017’ memento from those muggers. 

Anyway, back in September when they robbed me of my phone after an intense fight at the intersection on the Western bypass, it haunted me for a while. I couldn’t stop thinking about that moment but I got over that. December helped with getting over it. Anyway, like I was saying before I digressed, this week I had an encounter with a gang of theives.

Just as we were leaving school, as a small group of 3, travelling with intent of making it home fast, we saw a group of people standing by some car wash. Since we were in a hurry, we paid no attention to them. Anyway, somewhere in front, we happened to see them again. At first I thought I was paranoid but later on it turned out that my paranoia was justifiable this time. 

So, the gang of theives surrounded us. We were there, in the middle, blocked off by a gang of 10, 12, 15 i don’t know how many, theives. My adrenaline was sky high. I was busy looking for a way out, calculating every permutation of how this could end. I knew that if I got a small space, I was gonna escape. What I was most afraid of was losing my phone, AGAIN, to theives. ‘No! Not another one,’ I kept on thinking. This other black one, with a scar on his left eye took out a blade and pointed it at us demanding our stuff. I wonder how are the Ives always these sketchy looking people because these ones were so dirty argh. He went for my friend first. My friend said he had nothing but they still wouldn’t let him go and so they wanted him to take off his bag. I guess they didn’t think that through because just as he appeared to take off his bag, he fooled them and ran. They didn’t chase him because they were left with us. I was with a girl, so my gentlemen instincts had her safety first in mind but my other instincts told me to run and not looked. They turned their attention to me. Asked for any valuables I had but I still kept saying I had nothing on me. They held the girl, took her cab money and wanted to search her. I told them to leave her alone as she had nothing. They obliged willingly. I guess they thought I was going to give them my phone. Anyway, the blade was turned to me. As they tried to search my pocket, I fought back. Push 2 of them out of my way, saw an inch of space and in that moment I turned into flash. Zoom! I went. Ran my soul out as they were right behind me. I felt like an antelope being hunted by 10 lions. The little hopeless prey. I ran like I wouldn’t live if they caught me, and maybe I wouldn’t have. Soon I made it home and my friends had come out to support me so the theives backed off and turned to run. This is when the hunter became the hunted. We ran after them, well almost caught them but as soon as they were in the passage, we couldn’t do anything.

So yes, i nearly lost it all yesterday but made it out by a thread. These theives will be the death of me, literally. The blade of their knife still lingers on my mind.

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  1. What happened to the nameless girl? Did she survive? Good writing but you kept leaving me in the dark sir. “this other black one” ..a very ambiguous and archaic way of defining something that would otherwise be austere. You’re very adroit with your writing though I must admit


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