I stood there at 1am sitting in the cold, alone. I was on the balcony, holding my remedy as usual then sent her a text and told her that it was happening, again. I was at my low, again. She asked me, 'Why do you do this to yourself?' No audible answer was given. 'Are... Continue Reading →

White Shorts

After a long eventful day which he had an exam and a tennis game, James decided to just unwind and go easy when he got home. He let down his shorts, threw them on the floor and catapulted himself onto his bed. Bong! Went the springs of his bed. He lay there for a couple... Continue Reading →


So today as I was washing my hair after a very long time, it hit me. Why am I washing my hair? Why do I comb my hair every morning, well okay that's a lie, why do I comb my hair some mornings? Do I really care how my hair looks or am I doing... Continue Reading →

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