So today as I was washing my hair after a very long time, it hit me. Why am I washing my hair? Why do I comb my hair every morning, well okay that’s a lie, why do I comb my hair some mornings? Do I really care how my hair looks or am I doing it for other people? Whether I comb it or I don’t it really doesn’t matter to me but if I don’t comb, everyone is going to be on my case; my family, my significant other, my classmates, my teachers, someone I don’t know, some kid who is always staring at me in the weirdest way. That is when it hit me: we do things in this world to please someone.

Think about it, there is always that thing you do which benefits you in absolutely no way but you still do it because it is what people want you to do. You do not follow your dreams because you are told they are not viable. Remember what you wanted to be when you were young? Are you still striving to achieve that? Or have you been derailed from your dreams by society? We all love our parents, I know I love my mom to death but let us admit it, our parents are the biggest dream killers. I have a family member who wants to be a football player but his parents are always telling him not to focus on football as it is stupid and that he should get realistic about life. What is he doing now? Thinking about being a Geologist because they’ve really shut him down.

I have friend who wants to be a singer, like with all her heart. You should see her sing or write a song, her eyes light up like a child does when they see their mother but she cannot really pursue her dream to become a singer because she feels like she will disappoint her mom who lowkey wants her to be a doctor. Finally, there is a girl I met last week who told me about her dream of becoming a boxer but no one thinks she will make it, especially her dad. So yes, most parents are the carbon dioxide of the fire we have within but also so is society.

Society’s constant judging and bringing down people is also a dream killer. Human beings are constantly judging other human beings. I was watching Nymphomaniac last night, a very controversial movie. Anyway, there was one part where the ‘nymphomaniac’ really caught my attention. She said, “Society is based on hate when it should be based on forgiveness.” To think about it, this is so true. ‘We’ are constantly judging other people and trying to bring them down instead of helping each other and making society grow as a whole. Society is busy calling people names, labeling certain things as bad but who are they to judge other people. Are they perfect?

Before I digress, let me go back to what I am here for. The question I want to ask is should I comb my hair for other people or should I just let it be and wash it without combing it? Okay, fine that was a metaphor. My real question is should people be following their dreams or should they do what makes other people happy? It seems like an easy answer but even if we say they should be following their dreams, are they going to be able to do it with all this constant societal pressure? I know that this has been said a lot but we should remember we have one life, so let us live it the way we want to. To hell with credit from other people, to hell with caring about other people’s opinions, be selfish, do you and live a life you want to remember.

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