White Shorts

After a long eventful day which he had an exam and a tennis game, James decided to just unwind and go easy when he got home. He let down his shorts, threw them on the floor and catapulted himself onto his bed. Bong! Went the springs of his bed. He lay there for a couple of minutes before he finally fell asleep.

He awoke a couple of hours later. It was dark, looked like probably after 9pm because he reckoned he couldn’t have fallen asleep for too long. He stumbled across his room to go switch on the light but he tripped on a piece of clothing on the ground. ‘Dammit! That’s going to leave a mark,’ he thought as he could feel the pain from his left arm which he had fell on. When he finally managed to switch on the light, he noticed that it were the white tennis shorts which had caused his downfall. 

Bending down to pick it up, it hit him. These shorts had a now tragic memory attached to them. They were a present from his then girlfriend, now exgirlfriend, Gee. She had got them for him a week after he started playing professional tennis, about two months from present day. 
It’s funny how people can turn from being the most important people in your life to absolutely no one the next moment. They broke up a few days after she gave him the shorts so that was his souvenir from the relationship if you prefer to look at it that way. These shorts got him thinking now deeply. Gee meant so much to him, they had been together for 2 years before they broke up. How can someone who promised to be there for you the entire time leave you just like you never mattered just like that. What hurt most was the reason they broke up and when he thought about it again, the tears began to roll down his face on their own.
Gee had broken James. She broke him badly. More than anyone had. She literally took his heart and threw it on the train tracks with a moving train running over it moments later. This is what had happened. Gee and James were all good and great for a year and 9 months. It was all custard and jelly the entire time, good times all the time. The problem started over the December holidays. James went to see his father in the Caribbean, leaving Gee alone in their LA apartment. He came back on his scheduled day of return, New Year’s Eve, so they could spend New Year’s together. Upon his return he could sense some negative vibe but then sometimes the brain plays insecurity games so he just let it slide for a week.
During this week, she saw very little of his girlfriend. She was always at ‘gym’. Everyday! At first he wasn’t worried thinking maybe it was a New Year’s Resolution. It had been two months of her going to gym when he found a receipt of payment from a hotel on the other side of town. ‘What could she be doing with this?’ he thought to himself and he never for a second thought it was nothing big. The following day he decided to go to the hotel and see what is what. He went to the room which had been booked by his girlfriend. ‘Maybe it is a surprise for me,’ he thought on his way there. He arrived there, went to the room, opened the door and found the surprise of his lifetime…
His girlfriend was having an affair and not just any affair, an affair with his half brother. Apparently the two met and cheated the first time when he was with their father and it had been going on and on since then. He was devastated. Finished. She wasn’t even remorseful. She stayed with him, left James and he has never seen her since then.
James was still sitting on his bed with tears dried on his face, holding the shorts. They were just shorts to anyone else but to him, they were the only reminder of his time with Gee. ‘It’s funny how things change,’ he said as he burnt them with his lighter as he blew on to the clouds.

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