A piece by a friend. 'I'm outside. Let's go do something fun!' I texted Jasmine and almost immediately she rushed outside her apartment and hopped into my second hand Audi A4 and I drove off. Jasmine's hair was tied up into a knot and we were both clad in pajamas. "A park?! Are you out... Continue Reading →


Lately I have been playing Fifa with my housemates a lot and it got me thinking. So we stay together, the four of us, in a typical bachelor pad. Everyone enjoys the occasional video game of football. Recently, the Fifa games have been brutal. At first, we would just play a game, one was really... Continue Reading →


I saw him for first time when I was starting high school and we hit it off immediately. Great friends we became, occasionally going out together to get a drink or two then one day he decided to tell me everything about his life. We were exhausted, we were from school on a Friday evening... Continue Reading →

Eerie Dreams

"Dan! Dan! Come here." This woman said looking directly at me. At first, i turned around thinking maybe she was talking to someone behind me but to my surprise i found no one and right there i could tell she was talking to me and so i obliged and followed her into the dark room.... Continue Reading →

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