Eerie Dreams

“Dan! Dan! Come here.” This woman said looking directly at me. At first, i turned around thinking maybe she was talking to someone behind me but to my surprise i found no one and right there i could tell she was talking to me and so i obliged and followed her into the dark room.
“Close the door behind you,” a distant voice said from somewhere inside the dark room. When i shut the door closed, the entire room lit up. I could not notice anyone i knew and this puzzled me more. A fair skinned woman wearing a red dress came over to me and whispered in my ear, “maybe after this we can go up there again,, for old times sake. Eh, Dan?” and from that I knew i was called Dan and i probably knew everyone in that room but could not remember.
I tried to excuse myself from the crowd by stepping right outside just so as to collect myself, take a breathe or so but as i opened the door i was in for another surprise. The door did not lead to where i was coming from but it opened another room but this one was different. It was a light filled room, with white floor tiles and white curtains. It looked like some sort of abandoned hospital room minus the beds, medical equipment and literally everything that would make it a hospital room.
“So pretty much i moved from a dark room to a light room,interesting.” The contrasting thing this room had with the one before was that it had 2 faces in it and i knew both the faces. In this room, i was addressed with my real name, Bryan and it looked familiar despite its weirdness. This room was the only thing about this night which gave me piece of mind so i continued walking into the room. The room turned into a hall and i could see a door at the end of the hall wall with specs of color coming out of the edges of the door. For some odd reason i was attracted to the door even when i tried to move away from the door, it felt like a black hole pulling me closer and closer to it. Eventually i succumbed to the pull and just went to the door. I held the door knob  and it was very cold. As i opened the door, i saw one of the most beautiful thing i had ever seen…
The door led to an open field and it was night time. The sky had colours on it. They were red lights, yellow lights, green lights, a whole bunch of lights. They looked like something i had seen in a book, something called the Aurora Borealis so i figured i must have been either in the Northern Hemisphere near the North Pole or near the South Pole, maybe Australia. I then became so curious that i ended up stepping out and investigating the place. It had dusty soil and plenty of natural space as i could not see anything beyond the horizon. The door then shut close out of the ordinary and all the lights were off. I could hear breathing in the distance; a human maybe, an animal. Not seeing anything scared me more than what was out there, which seemed to be moving closer every second. I then felt a touch on my right shoulder and I was startled.
That is when i woke up and realized it was only just a dream. I had been sweating infact the whole time because my blankets were soaked but it was in the middle of winter. This dream still haunts me til this day and i occasionally dream about it, talk about an uncanny dream.featured_exhib_lecture_uncanny-commonplace

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