How are you feeling about this?




Seriously. I’m feeling all the above. Not after what happened.

I’ve never thought I’d experience racism and oppression in my own country. I have always watched different shows on television where people are facing intense racism, from Blackish to Dear White People and the likes and all my life I’ve never imagined that that would happen in my own country, let alone in my own school. The closest I’ve come to experiencing this was indirectly when a high school in South Africa refused for black girls to come to school in their natural hairstyles because it was deemed to be untidy and unfit for learning.

But recently the same issue arose in a local high school whereby students were told not to wear their natural hairstyles and they were some cases where students were denied education until they fixed their hairstyles. How can a local, African, ‘multicultured’ school let natural hairstyles be deemed to interfere with education? It even went to the extremes of being stereotypical of saying that natural hairstyles such as those were ‘druggie-type’ of hairstyles. WOW. I have one or two kinks in my hair and then I’m associated with being a druggie? Just like a grandfather refusing to accept the introduction of new technology, they still live under the premitive ideas and superstitions that certain hairstyles are related to certain behaviour.

But should such post-independence racism and conceptualization still be allowed to roam in Africa? Til this day I will never understand why it should still be happening. What’s next? We are bringing back slavery now? Wow. Such minute acts of racism should not be tolerated for it will lead to more extreme forms. Yesterday hair, tomorrow segregation. Stay woke world! Stay woke and stop discrimination.

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