Black Friday

A friend hit me up last night & asked for a large short term loan to do some ‘very important things’ at 10pm rendered me perplexed. When I dug into why he needed the money I found out that it was apparently for BLACK FRIDAY. So this guy just wanted to lend a lot of... Continue Reading →

OKaay No We’re Jamming

So after my 20th birthday I promised myself that I will socialise more. I promised myself that from then onward it was going to be me, the open and people all the damn time. I was tired of just sitting around and watching things happen, it was about damn time that I was part of... Continue Reading →

Faking it

They keep saying that I should talk. They keep saying that I should explain. They keep saying that I should make them understand. They keep saying that I should open up. But all I tell them is not to worry. But how do I tell them? How do I tell them that I'm still bleeding?... Continue Reading →

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