OKaay No We’re Jamming

So after my 20th birthday I promised myself that I will socialise more. I promised myself that from then onward it was going to be me, the open and people all the damn time. I was tired of just sitting around and watching things happen, it was about damn time that I was part of the fun so I started it off with something light and relaxing; a birthday party at the Cresta Presidents’ hotel. Ya ya ya, that came and passed and it was… alright I guess. I then decided to do it bigger and the next big thing on the agenda was the JAM FOR BRUNCH 3rd birthday anniversary at Bojanala Waterfront. At first I was reluctant to go because crowds tend to get a bit too much but my roommate and his devilish conviction techniques managed to get me there Sunday the 12th of November at 11 o’clock on the d.o.t. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t regret it one bit. It was literally ‘OFF THE HOOK’.

media-20171116 (5)

For those of you who are still living under a rock in this fast forward moving world, let me break it down for you what exactly is JAM FOR BRUNCH. This is by far one of the most exhilarating yet chilled events out here in Botswana. Usually held on the first Sunday of the month, it brings people together to socialise, feast, dance, play, relax and enjoy themselves. Like the organizers like to say, ‘You bring your instruments. You know how to play, right? You jam. We bring the brunch & drinks. You buy them. We sit,we eat, then we do it again next month.’ It is literally that simple. Might sound simple though but damn ain’t nothing boring about this event.

media-20171116 (4)

Like I was saying, this past Sunday I was dragged to my first jam for brunch and I don’t know why I hadn’t done it sooner. We got there at noon, found a bench in equidistant to the stage as to the food center. Then we got cocktails on the house and a free meal, just like that. So we went back to our bench to ‘drink-nyana’, met old friends, made some new ones and then bam! Mpho Sebina pulls through looking exquisite as ever. It was my first encounter with her and let me just say she really is a beauty with that ‘calm you down and rock your body’ voice. Whether or not you had heard of her before, after that performance you’d want to hear her again. Celebrities were crawling all over the place it was impossible trying to avoid them. We even ran into our very own 2017 BOMU Awards recipient and homeboy ATI acting as calm as ever and Zeus too.

We then went over to the ping pong table to test our ‘okay-ness’ if you get my lingo but couldn’t even do that for long because just as we were getting into the groove Shekinah arrives. It was her much awaited first performance on the motherland and she came out popping in a denim skirt showing her excellent skin. The crowd was going wild as she performed her banger sounds like Suited, Your Eyes, On it and the classic Back to the beach. It is safe to say that she did live up to expectations because her performance was nothing short of perfect, a bit short lived but still a rather memorable performance. So there it is, JAM FOR BRUNCH was a major hit. The people were great. The event itself is rather genius. Security was on point with little to no incidents on the day because i left right towards the very end. Bojanala was beautiful.

media-20171116 (7)

So cheers to a great event and it definitely wasn’t my last jam for brunch. Lemme just leave you saying with these words: go to jam for brunch where green meets people with a dash of food and good drink.

Here is some more snaps from my phone of the day:

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