Black Friday

A friend hit me up last night & asked for a large short term loan to do some ‘very important things’ at 10pm rendered me perplexed. When I dug into why he needed the money I found out that it was apparently for BLACK FRIDAY. So this guy just wanted to lend a lot of money at high interests for just one day of apparent savings? LOL. Then I really thought about it, he is not the only one making these bad money choices. So we are at that time of the year, where people start making bad decisions. I guess Black Friday is the New Year of the festive season because it literally marks the beginning of the impulse buying season. From here on it is nothing but downhill for people’s savings & uphill for loan sharks.

The whole idea of Black Friday looks appealing to the eye right? One day only savings of up to 50%. Who wouldn’t want to save 50% on their shopping really? So it is a good deal right? NO. WRONG. Looking at it in retrospect, is it really saving you money? Firstly, you go out & lend money on interest just to finance your spending fixation putting yourself in unnecessary debts just to apparently save money but is it really saving if you’re are putting yourself in debts? Secondly, since this is just a day you end up spending on things that you shouldn’t be spending on since you think they wont be any specials like these. The idea of having prices reduced makes you grab everything that you see is crazy reduced which increases your spending bill for the day. Most people do not even buy the necessities such as food. They buy electronics, gadgets, alcohol etc. All of these are fun & all but the problem comes the following Wednesday when you’re sitting at home watching that new Television but you’re hungry and broke. So what do you do? You go back to the same person you just paid the money you had borrowed & get more money at higher interests. So you digging yourself deeper into debts. So far where are you? You saved on gadgets last week Friday, you’re in debts right now, you’re holding absolutely unnecessary things & cannot afford the essentials so you’re stranded. So were you the biggest winner of Black Friday?

So I just feel like Black Friday is just a day where corporations blind consumers into thinking they are making a save so that they could spend their last bit of savings on things they do not really need at the wrong time. If everyone just took time to think about it properly they would notice there is no need to spend so much with Christmas sales also coming up which will be similar to Black Friday prizes. Then again let me not get into the controversial holiday spending of Christmas which I also have strong feelings about. Let me leave you with some food for thought.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Have you seen the important & big things on sale on Black Friday? Things like share options, property, mortgages, tuition? Like why? Doesn’t it get you thinking that maybe Black Friday is just for the unnecessary things? No offence but don’t you feel like it is just for the temporary, minute, nonessential things?

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