non-recognition over acknowledgement?

Which is better? Acknowledgment or non-recognition? I meet with bloggers a lot, very good ones infact. Some getting the credit they feel they deserve while others being ‘slept on’ as they like to put it. So there I was wondering what to say to him as he went on ranting about being slept on blah... Continue Reading →

Tlotlo M. Thaga – ‘Picasso T’

I have always wondered why she was so quiet and to my surprise she had a superpower. With very few words exchanged between us until I found out that she was quite the angel. I think no one would have guessed at first glance that she had powers especially with her ‘not-so-intimidating’ height. Tlotlo Thaga... Continue Reading →


I usually run away whenever I feel things are getting to me. Hibernation I sometimes call it. Loneliness other people call it but whatever it is it usually works. This time I thought about running away but instead of into a dark room with a pen and paper, into a habitat filled with water and... Continue Reading →

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