non-recognition over acknowledgement?

Which is better?

Acknowledgment or non-recognition?

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I meet with bloggers a lot, very good ones infact. Some getting the credit they feel they deserve while others being ‘slept on’ as they like to put it. So there I was wondering what to say to him as he went on ranting about being slept on blah blah blah, this and that. He is a young, youthful, optimistic & an experienced blogger but he felt like people were not buying what he was selling. He felt like the people were not giving him enough credit.

“I need more people out there to know of me & give me the credit I deserve dammit! I put so much work into this and still they sleeping on me.” He said.

I just watched him because that is really all I could have done in that situation to be portrayed as a good friend. So I let him blow off as much steam as he wanted eventhough he was blowing more smoke than steam if you get my lingo. I watched him ramble on and on for an hour but in that time I was just looking at him. I doubt he even noticed that I was not even paying attention to what he was saying because since he uttered those words, I never really got them out of my mind.

So for 2 weeks I battled with this thought: Acknowledgement or non-recognition?


I, for one, have been blogging and writing properly for 2 years. To me, the writing and the completion of a full piece and giving it to the people to read is what I do this for. It gives me this feeling deep down that I have accomplished something worth while and therefore the latter is the better according to me. Sometimes I put things out and I don’t even tell anyone that it was my piece. There is this other friend I usually write anonymous pieces for and she always tells me that people enjoy my reading and she wanted to recommend them to me but I always shrugged off the idea because the reason why I wrote the piece anonymously in the first place was to remain as unknown as possible. It even fills me when a friend told me they read this other well written piece and send it to me, only to find out that i was involved in the piece itself. PRICELESS i tell you.

Then there is my blog. Some people like it, some people don’t. Views are not the first thing on my mind whenever I put out a piece. I believe the fact that I was able to put something out in the first place should give me enough joy to be happy and content with what I did.

DO NOT GET IT CONFUSED. I would not mind a bigger audience and penetration because I feel I could influence more out there but I do not mind having only a small, minute circle which I keep influencing. It is like what my high school teacher once said to me:

With influence, it is not about the number of people you influence because most of the time it is quality over quantity. 1 person influenced may sometimes feel better than 10 000 people impressed.

I’d rather be glad for the two hundred views than cry foul over not reaching 1-000 this time because i felt i pulled out all the stops. Naaaaah.

Anyway, I guess that is just my view. Other people of course have their own opinion & i ain’t saying mine is the best.

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