Friday Morning

I am not a morning person. Everytime i wake up, i feel as if i am being forced to kill a relative or someone close to me or worse as if I am being killed myself. Complete and utter torture. It is an everyday torture for that matter. Since i am not a morning person,... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Floor

Everything was quiet, a bit too quiet in fact. I figured that I was probably the only one in that part of school at that moment. I took the first step on the stairs, then another one, another one and soon I had already reached the top. Stairs are not my favorite but i have... Continue Reading →


Remember when you had it? & took it for granted? Now you wanna blame someone for it but who can you blame but yourself? Remember when everyone was envious over what you had? & you kept on showing it off rather than naturing it. Now you've lost it & who can you blame but yourself?... Continue Reading →


He smiled. She smiled. They laughed for a second then stopped abruptly. They hugged a bit. Posed for a photo. Then went their separate ways. I paid so much attention to them that the guy started feeling uncomfortable because I was just staring at them with so much intensity and focus. After noticing the above... Continue Reading →

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