Remember when you had it? & took it for granted? Now you wanna blame someone for it but who can you blame but yourself?

Remember when everyone was envious over what you had? & you kept on showing it off rather than naturing it. Now you’ve lost it & who can you blame but yourself?

Remember when she came crying to you telling you she sees you two slipping away from each other? & you kept on telling her that she is paranoid and now you’ve split but who can you blame now but yourself?

Remember when your bestfriend said that you should stop talking to other girls and flirting with everyone? & you kept on saying that this was nothing and she trusted you. Now who can you blame but yourself?

Remember when you sat in the room crying alone at night after she broke up with you? & you felt like she didn’t do you right by leaving you. But who can you really blame but yourself?

Now you’re single, feeling like the world owes you a lot just because you feel like you were heartbroken but when you hurt her you did not care right? & now that karma has served you right you feel obliged to be treated like the victim? If you lose someone because of your foolish acts, accept it, move on and stop blaming everyone when deep down you know you’re at fault. You messed up, it’s done. Okay?

So the image on the top inspired my blog. I saw it ealier today & it got me thinking about this entire thing.

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