6eorge Staggz ( Pronounced George Staggz)


When you think about where it all started to where you are at the moment, you usually notice that a lot has changed. From either being a toddler to being a teenager all in the space of 12 years. Yes! A whole lot can happen in 12 years. In life I have been told about two different types of people: those that wait for things to happen and those that actually put in the hard work into making things happen and my guest for today is the latter of those people. Ladies and gentlemen, my second artist coverage for the year: 6eorge Staggz.


This young Motswana man hailing from Mahalapye fell in love with his calling about 12 years ago and since then, he has been working hard, putting in the late hours, hustling just to ‘make his momma proud’, as he likes putting it in a few of his songs I have heard. In 2006, on fiery Summer day, a group of boys were doing what boys usually do; try new things. They started messing around with a tape recorder in the dorms of their boarding house and little did they know that a talent would be initiated by that. The fooling around with a tape recorder led to the beginning of everything for this young king. George was among those boys at that time and has since progressed into a fine Motswana artist.

This young man is a Hip hop rapper with ‘bars’ that will leave you wondering. He usually raps about his life, past and present struggles so he tends to serve us with some hard facts, hard hitting bars. His bars and flow do not surprise us because getting to know him on a deeper base, I found out that he grew up listening to a lot of old school ‘new’ hip hop, idolizing the great Notorious, Lil Wayne and the ever confident Rick Ross.


Since 2006 he has really been building himself up and ‘bettering’ himself as he likes putting it. Taking his time to reach peak levels of where he wanted his sound to be at and building a reputation for himself which now even extending into South Africa. Since 2017, George has been working more and more with South African media giants, trying to break into a more international market simultaneously with the local one. He shot one of his best work in his time in South Africa. He made the visuals for his hit single YAMS, which was directed by the South African director Kyle White. Kyle White TV has worked and produced videos for TIMO ODV, BLAKLEZ, ZORO, EX GLOBAL & A REECE, just to mention a few. He was behind Loyiso Bala’s Ndimbonile, TIMO ODV’s Make you love me and also 6eorge’s YAMS.

He did not stop there, he later pulled through and released his debut E.P, VIBE (Visions Inspired Beyond Expectations), under his own record label Olympic Recording. One of the most popular songs from the EP, 100, now has a video which is also very clean. This video was my favorite for many reasons. Firstly, it was shot and directed by our very own Owen Bands. Secondly, it was shoot in one of the most dangerous streets of South Africa at very late hours and despite the odds they managed to put together the masterpiece but mostly what I love about this video was how he drove a Lamborghini in the video.

6eorge is currently working on a new project which will be called JUNGLE. The first single from the project is out already and is called Ceilings, be sure to check it out. His EP is available on itunes for anyone who would like to get it the link will be found below. A link to his facebook page is also found below and be sure to check out his page and give him a like if you like what he is doing.

VIBE available on itunes
6eorge Staggz on Facebook


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