How To Keep Track


Four months into the year and how are things l? Do you still have the same drive and optimism you had in the beginning? Still believe that this is your year? Are your New year resolutions getting accomplished or did you break them all as the clock hit 12 on the 2nd?

Have you ever noticed how in the beginning of anything there is always that joy and love for that project? Whether it is a new relationship or an old friendship being rekindled or a new video game which you purchase or a new passion you started. Whatever it is it always starts uptempo and things are great. The chats are awesome, the laughs are genuine, the moment is not forced at all. Everything seems to be happening and it looks like it will never end. If it is a relationship, you make it to 3 am texting and chatting because you cannot seem to get enough of each other. If it is a new video game, for the first couple of days, or weeks, you cannot seem to put down the controller as it has you completely hooked. The levels seem interesting and the game seems like the best one ever but that does not last forever.

As time goes on, you tend to lose touch with everything right? You end up forgetting that thing exists at all. You lose the special connection you had and the interest levels see to fall to an all-time low. Don’t worry, it is human nature. As time drags on, the things that used to entertain and excite us tend to be the same ones that annoy us. Have you ever noticed how in a relationship, you tend to upset the other party by doing the usual common things you used to do and they did not have a problem with. If it was talking a lot which brought you together, your voice starts becoming annoying.

This is the same thing for our resolutions, goals and ambitions. You remember those goals you set in the beginning and were completely excited for, they somehow faded and are not even close to being a priority. If you had a goal of saving a fixed amount of money each month, the first month will always be the easiest but as time progresses things seem to come up from nowhere. Unnecessary expenses begin popping up and derail you further and further away from your goal. Time is the enemy of progress on its own because it tends to weaken our faith of achieving goals so much that we end up losing the drive to achieve. You start off being 100% behind something then the backing of that goal lowers until the goal is forgotten until you accidental stumble across a note which you had written down your resolutions on and you remember that goal
Now coming back to the questions i had opened with; Do you still have the same optimism as in the beginning?

If the answer to the above is no then follow this series of HOW TO KEEP TRACK.

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