At first glance you wouldn't notice what all those letters mean so allow me to decode it for everyone. D is for Depression AD is for Anxiety Disorder BD is for Bipolar Disorder S is for Schizophrenia ADHD is for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Ladies and gentlemen, all the above mentioned are mental health disorders.... Continue Reading →

Memories on worn benches

Searching for a happy place was becoming harder and harder especially after i let him in on my last one. I usually never allow people to see my hideout in case they end up messing up and i didn't need the place to be a reminder of them or the time we spent together but... Continue Reading →

Zac & buddy

He had never seen a smoker like her. It was not about who she was but more of how she did it. She would do it all so flawlessly like an expert who had been doing this for a while but that was the thing; she was no expert. She had been smoking for three... Continue Reading →


We had a bottle We heard a rattle It sounded like something fell hard Only to find that it was us falling Falling for each other We drank our liquor We drank our pain We drank in vain We did not care She looked like you She sounded like you She did not kiss like... Continue Reading →

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