Zac & buddy

He had never seen a smoker like her. It was not about who she was but more of how she did it. She would do it all so flawlessly like an expert who had been doing this for a while but that was the thing; she was no expert. She had been smoking for three days and already she looked like she owned smoking. Amazing. She looked more of Angelina Jolie whenever she blew out a line of smoke from her lips than like a Carol. The problem now was that this time she caught him watching her as she smoked. We were sitting on a bench by a park so there was no way he could hide the look of amazement in my eyes. All I could hope was that she did not think he was falling in love with her like all the guys in her life because he knew that the majority of men in her life who fell in love with her had the same look on their face.

She caught him staring and managed to squeeze a smile while her mouth was filled with smoke. They both looked at each other and chuckled simultaneously at the way she looked constipated in trying to hold in the smoke while not trying to laugh. That was when she finally said,” Zac, you are not going to laugh out of this one. Why were looking at me like that?” The question did not catch him by surprise because he was expecting it after all he was staring more into her soul then at her but how does one tell his girl-friend that she looks so cool doing the most unhealthy thing you do together? Everyone has nasty habits they do just because they keep them sane with the pair being no exception. Whenever things did not go well, they would have a smoke and this meant that they smoked a lot though because the way their lives were set up, things were rarely going their way.

They were both from different backgrounds though. He was from what most people would consider a fortunate background while she had a hard time growing up. He was born with a silver spoon, well people around him thought so. His parents had been married for a decade when he was born and he was the miracle child they had always been trying to have so it was no surprise he was treated as a prince. The problem began when his sweet young mother passed away, about six years ago and then his father got married again. From there onwards, his life has been horrible and this is why right now he was sitting on a deserted park chair smoking cheap cigarettes with the girl from next door.

She had a more painful past. Her mother was a serial drunkard which meant she had to take care of her younger siblings. Almost left school on a few instances just to take proper care of them but was finally saved when her aunt took in her two little siblings. Now, she was smoking because she felt like she had wasted her childhood trying to be a mother and never did anything stupid. He was her chance of being young and stupid again because he was this carefree person who did the first thing off of his head. The first time they became friends, he made her run during the night just to feel the wind through their lungs. This was the least crazy thing they had done in the short time they have been friends.

For a while now, he had not notice that he never answered her initial question but instead drifted off thinking about how they became friend. She looked concerned now. Apparently he had not been breathing the entire time he was thinking. He stood there all motionless as she had tried to get his attention and make him snap out of it.

“I guess you want to hide what every you were thinking so I am not going to harp on the same string you traitor,” and they both chuckled hard knowing that she was just trying to be dramatic. Off into the sunset they walked, holding hands, jumping up and down with the widest smiles on their faces. It was moments like those that had gotten them smoking in the first place; real unforced moments…

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  1. Someone I know shared this at WhatsApp and I really loved it 💯 that I had to come here for more. It’s beautiful, like seriously 💁‍♀️. You got some great skills maan ❤


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