Passing trees

Things tend to look impossible to focus on depending on what angle we are looking at them. Watching the trees move as he laid in the coach, he realised that from a certain angle, it looked as if everything flashed by fast. The trees did not look singular but appeared to be a clutter of... Continue Reading →


What do you hear in the darkness? Do you like the way your heart beats? Or does the loneliness and the thought that this is it scare you? Is listening to your mind scary because you’re afraid of your thoughts? Is it thoughts we fear or the fear of not fearing that we really fear?... Continue Reading →

My love

I remember watching you sleep the other day and the only thing i could think of was how peaceful you looked. You looked like nothing in the world mattered. At that precise moment of you sleeping, i swear i envisioned a moment twenty years in time when i would be watching you sleep but that... Continue Reading →

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