My love

I remember watching you sleep the other day and the only thing i could think of was how peaceful you looked. You looked like nothing in the world mattered. At that precise moment of you sleeping, i swear i envisioned a moment twenty years in time when i would be watching you sleep but that was the other day. Now, all i keep thinking about is the conversation we had right before you left.

It is funny how an entire year of good memories can be erased simply by a “Im sorry i don’t feel the same no more”. All that i keep thinking about is how i could have fixed it. Should i have done anything more? Were we doomed from the start? Should i have fought for you when you left or did i do the right thing by letting you go?

With every passing day i wonder if all we ever talked about was a lie. If the talk of soulmates and falling hopelessly in love with each other was a lie. I wonder if those tears you cried when i told you i loved you for the first time we real. Then again, i wonder if you left because you found someone else.

Or did you just leave because ‘you weren’t feeling it?’ The truth is that i will never know the truth because i cannot stand to ask you. Mostly because i am afraid to know the answer. Also because i choose to cling onto the last bit of fairytale that you and me were soulmates whom just temporarily decided to view the world in different perspectives before we come back together.

At the end of the day, what do we have if it isnt hope?

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