Passing trees

Things tend to look impossible to focus on depending on what angle we are looking at them. Watching the trees move as he laid in the coach, he realised that from a certain angle, it looked as if everything flashed by fast. The trees did not look singular but appeared to be a clutter of green laid next to the road. The faster the bus got, the more the vision seemed to be an all green layer only. The moment he stopped focusing on all of the trees and started focusing on one at a time, he realised that the trees were actually laid out a few metres from each other.

“If only everyone took this approach in life.” He said out loud to himself.

He had just been thrown out of his house by his long-time girlfriend. Even after everything they had been through, he left like a dog whose owner was tired of playing with. Cast into the darkness of the world with nothing but his luggage bag and a broken heart. Having decided to visit her for her birthday celebration, it was supposed to be a romantic weekend. Upon arrival, he sensed that something was wrong because she was acting up. She picked him up from the station half an hour late, which really wasn’t anything new as she was always late so he just brushed it off. The car ride was completely quiet the entire way until a call from work disturbed the silence.

He kept on telling them not to disturb him at all as he was at his girlfriend’s place and was only coming back the other week because this was her birthday celebration. “So who was that? Was it her? That new girl at your work?” She snapped out of nowhere, The call was from his boss but that did not matter to Laura as her first instinct was jumping head-first into conclusions. The weird thing was that, she had been accusing him of a lot of things ever since he moved away. He got his promotion the beginning of the year so he had to move to a city 2 hours away from her so they could not be together everyday and only visited each other once in a fortnight. It had been only 8 months of this arrangement but he had been accused of it all. The insecurities were rising from her side and did not look like they were going to stop so he decided to talk to her about them,

They had a long two hour conversation about the recent accusations that had been thrown his way. After all the talk, they decided to calm down and reduce the accusations. Saturday came along and they went out with their friends to the resident club which was hosting her birthday celebration. It was packed of course given that she was a model with a vast social media reach. With over five thousand followers in her city and the event having been publicised, it was not shocking,. The club became so crowded that Paul lost his girlfriend for a few hours during the celebration. He decided to sit down in a booth with some old high school female friends. They started drinking a lot while conversing. They all knew Laura and were not even trying to hit on him but when Laura found him there, drunk, with a few women surrounding, she flipped, poured a drink on him and walked away.

Shocking, given the conversation on accusations they had the previous day. It looked as if the conversation was all in vain because here she was throwing another hissiefit over nothing at all. Upon getting home, his things were on the front yard and no words were ever said to other. Here he was now in the bus wondering where it all went wrong. Confused, saddened and still wondering if this could have all been avoided. Wondering if he should keep fitting or let the fallen horse stay down…

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