a year too late

Collabo number two. My heart is pounding so loudly, I swear the taxi driver could hear it the entire journey. I didn't pay attention to who the driver was, something I rarely do but in this case, I had more to worry about. In the trip to Robbie's house, I kept wondering if I was... Continue Reading →


A special purchase. He looked at his worn leather wallet just like a homeowner before moving out. A sort of gratitude, and an epiphany: life (valuable) in the material world (fragile) is transient. In the same way, a wallet, relatively fragile, would only hold banknotes (valuable) for a moment in time. The opening till snapped... Continue Reading →

kitchen counter note cont’d

No matter how much one may have hurt you, you never truly find inner peace until you actually know what went wrong. Even though sometimes the truth was not what we were expecting, he felt that it was better he hears her out. Still in his towel and having been standing by the door for... Continue Reading →

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