kitchen counter note cont’d

No matter how much one may have hurt you, you never truly find inner peace until you actually know what went wrong. Even though sometimes the truth was not what we were expecting, he felt that it was better he hears her out. Still in his towel and having been standing by the door for a couple of minutes, he finally moves out of the way, signalling her to come in. Just like a little baby with no knowledge of her parents’ recent fight, Romeo greeted her as if she had never left and everything was A-OK. Alice picked her up without hesitation and commenced her usual ritual of stroking her fur gently from head to toe before kissing her nose and rubbing her whiskers. Although it ate him up to see how close the pair was, he was less bothered about their connection than he was about what she was about to say.

After putting on the cleanest t-shirt available to him at that moment because of limited choices by the fact that he hadn’t done laundry since any form of productivity had been halted for the past 48 hours. With his shirt now on and the cat having exited the tense atmosphere in the living room, the pair remained staring at each other. The tension was so much that you could cut it with a knife as no one decided to talk for like a few minutes. The silence was finally broken by her as she tried to engage conversation.

“So, how have you been?”
“Whoa. Really Alice? After 48 hours of you living abruptly with nothing but a cheesy note, your first words are ‘How have you been?’ Wow.”

This seemed to increase the tension in the room. The issue at hand which the pair was supposed to be discussing was the reason she left. She was either supposed to offer and explaination or at least an apology not a cheesy icebreaker. The cheesy icebreaker helped calm his nerves though because he expected a heated conversation but the way it started meant that he could relax a bit. “She better start speaking before it is 2030,” he said to himself inside his head.

“Okay Pete, allow me to explain. This, this wasn’t what I had hope it to be. I know that I could’ve done this in a better way but in my mind I didn’t think there was an easy choice so I just walked out. I know I look like a coward but I just hope that one day you will forgive me.”

She spoke words but they registered as gibberish just like the majority of people sounded to him during his week in France for a conference. He began to rub his hands together in a manner which he did when he was normally having an anxiety attack but this time it was used to stop him from raging from the words she had just said. Slowly without any explanation to her, he just stood up and walked to his room. Leaving her with the puzzled feeling he felt from the explanation she tried giving. Bang! The door went as he got into his bedroom and laid on the bedside mat. His phone was situated by the dressing board in arms-reach so he grabbed onto it and texted her: ‘Thank you but you can leave now. I will courier your clothes tomorrow morning to wherever you are staying.’ As she had left him with an abrupt text, so did he. Even though that probably was the last chance he would get in a while for an apology or explanation, he did not care at this moment because in the 48 hours she had been gone, he had experienced more feelings than he had in the last 6 months they were together.

Maybe all of this happened for a reason or maybe it just happened but either way, he was determined to not let that kitchen counter note sat him back. After hearing the bang on the front door after she left, he convinced himself to get off of the bedroom floor and actually start pulling his weight. Wiping away the last falling tear, he held onto the chair, dusted himself up and began picking up the clothes and dishes on his bedroom floor.

This was a continuation of the first part of kitchen counter note published the previous day. I will soon be releasing kitchen counter note from Alice’s viewpoint. Thanks for reading.


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  1. “because in the 48 hours she had been gone, he had experienced more feelings than he had in the last 6 months they were together” hmmmmm interesting

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