S.A.V.E. - Suicide Awareness, Voices of Educationsave.org When I began blogging and writing articles online or for print media, I started off as a fictional, creative writer with the aim of letting my mind run free. I used and still use my blogs as sites for showcasing my creative story-writing side but recently my writing... Continue Reading →

Engineered (Game Over)

The planet was dying, and the people just watched. Shielded from reality by a blinding screen, a pinkie finger securely tucked underneath for support, and a worn out charging cord connected to the wall. Oceans, blue, for the most part, were sullied by plastic islands with no owners. Noxious fumes turned lungs orange. Glaciers were... Continue Reading →

the f-word

Today was the last straw. For the past three months, he had been getting the worst of treatment because he turned out to be different than most people. The world seemed like a happy place, with things going his way most of the time. Childhood was the easiest because nobody really remembers the majority of... Continue Reading →

… days are over …

I see her sitting by the stairs looking like she had just been crying. I had heard screams from their room earlier on but I was denied access so I just stood by the door waiting for it all to stop. This guy was new though, it wasn't the one who usually came because he... Continue Reading →

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