… days are over …

I see her sitting by the stairs looking like she had just been crying. I had heard screams from their room earlier on but I was denied access so I just stood by the door waiting for it all to stop. This guy was new though, it wasn’t the one who usually came because he would wake me up from my sleep whenever he came at night. One dark evening, he stepped on me by mistake but I forgave him because he was better in the morning. Even though he usually reeked of alcohol whenever he came in, he still made sure he played with me for a few seconds before he went into her bedroom. Sometimes he didn’t make it to the room and I would go and sit by him because he seemed lonely. Other days, I wished he wouldn’t have came at all because I would hear her cry. The cries were preceded by a nippy exchange of words because I could hear sounds of his flesh smacking onto her. Sometimes I would try and help by banging my head on the door but he would always be quick to shut me down.

“Go to sleep Tom! Now!” I would hear him barking from inside the room before he continued again. There wasn’t pretty much I could do so I would just lay there wondering if she would be fine tomorrow and every morning after, she would. Without failure, she would be there to make breakfast for me and him even if she has a bruise on her right eye or a bleeding lip. He would eat and leave without a word being exchanged by the pair but with everyone making conversation with me, which was quite peculiar from my view. After leaving, I would be the one she said would relax her. We would spend the day just sitting around nursing her making sure that she is completely fine at the end of the day.

The problem recently has been that I haven’t seen him around lately. Not that I am complaining that he isn’t beating her no more but wondering where he could be. The thing is that I was used to people coming and passing in my life but I always questioned why without ever getting the answer to my question. After what seemed as years without any man coming into our house, this one is here as if he owns the place. Coming through during the day, disturbing our sunny bonding day. From the basket i saw her preparing in the kitchen, we were going to spend the entire day in the park with my favourite snacks and only the two of us but now this new guy is here. He touches me like he knows me and I immediately just want to bite his finger off but I know how Lolo raised me. She really raised me better than that so I restrain myself. They go together into the room like she used to do with the other guy and the same sounds come from the room. I am quite confused wondering what was going on. Was I going to have to start liking this one too? Do I need to like him at all? At the end of the day, the choice was not mine so I carried on snooping the entire house for something to do. A few minutes later, I could here a quarrel but a different one from the ones I was used to. This time, she came out and open the door for him to leave. She was crying though after he left so here we were at the footstep by the bathroom.

“Don’t worry boy. No one will hitme for a while because I am done. Come here, you must be hungry. I think I have some of those dog biscuits you like.”

Off I went after her, waggling my otter brown tail and making loud steps with my paws as I chased after her. At least I will be chasing my ball more often in the park now.

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