Chapter 3: Joe

Ducks fighting, calling to their mates. Children squealing in delight. Birds in concerts way up in the trees. The earth smelt bewitchingly moist. Joe took it all in, filling his senses. Quietly sitting on his usual bench, it was a beautiful day. As magical as it was, he missed his friend. He missed having someone... Continue Reading →

Bo, Joe & Claire

With everything prepared and Bo gone to school, Bo's mom, Claire had time to do what she cherishes the most, gardening. Opening her shed looking for the perfect tool to use, she was in euphoria just thinking about the next couple of hours which she planned to spend working on her precious plantations. She bought... Continue Reading →

Bo & Joe

Beyond the squealing toddlers and laughing crowd of pre-teens such as herself, Bo sat under the shade on a park bench chatting to her new friend. While her mother had told her to be careful of the harsh sun and strangers, Bo seemed to pay attention to the former and not the latter. Her new... Continue Reading →

oh why

i miss moments moments that can never be regained again moments which once were present but are now pasts moments forever engraved in our brains i miss plans plans that were made with the intentions of being kept plans which once meant the world to me plans forever made but never reached i miss faces... Continue Reading →

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