My mental health advice

I know what most people are probably thinking:

  • “Wow so late”
  • “Why even bother doing it if you were going to post it so late?”
  • “Who are you to even give such advice?”
  • “Why is everyone making so much noise about mental health?”
  • “Another mental health post? Oh geez, we get it!”

I have a perfectly good answer to each and every question there, and if you have a different one, be sure to put it under the comments. Now, answering the questions I feel will mostly pop up in the minds of most people, in chronological order.

Firstly, I did it so late because I haven’t been feeling like writing recently. I have been honestly having so much on my plate and getting ill the past week wasn’t helpful in encouraging me to write but rather late than never given the importance of the nature of my post.

Secondly, I bothered to post this even though the month of October is nearly done because I feel like with the issue of mental health, this should be an on-going thing to be talked about. It is a forever issue which affects you in a way; if you don’t have any mental health issues, YEY for you, but there is a high chance that boy in your class who sits in the corner is facing one issue or another or the girl whom you have been texting nonstop trying to make yours is on the other side of that phone crying herself to sleep because of something. Either way, it is an important issue which should be forever talked about, not only in the month of October or something.

Thirdly, who am I to give such advice? I am someone who can relate, maybe because I live with depression and other mental health issues making me ‘qualified’ enough to give out such advice. I am not saying what works for me, will work for everyone but I decided to voice out my own opinions.

Fourthly, whoever is wondering why everyone is making so much noise about mental health, I-… I jus- Ah!

Fifthly, if you think there are ‘ENOUGH’ mental health articles or people are talking about it enough, then wow, I am sorry to tell you that is not true. If it was true, then I wouldn’t need to write.

Now, October has been set aside as the month of Mental Health awareness, which I personally feel is a great initiative so in accordance with this month, I have decided to share what works with me.

  1. Going out: Whether it is going for a walk, going to the gym, hitting the courts for a ‘one-on-one’ basketball session with your short friend who doesn’t play but is there to support you because you asked her to come with you. I feel like the moments I went out, to a concert, somewhere outside of my room, I could actually forget and just smile. It has been my main key thing of surviving this.
  2. Having someone to talk to: Having a friend which you could confide in, your boyfriend, your weird pen-pal if they still do that, just find someone you can just talk to. It doesn’t even have to be about your problems, it can be about anything at all. Just talking helps to keep your mind off of things.
  3. Keep reminding yourself each day that it isn’t a bad life, just a bad moment or a bad day. Not a bad life. Whatever challenge you face, you can overcome it, somehow.

If you love being alone, find time to actually be alone. In the end, it is just finding a balance, finding what you love and what keeps you happy and doing it no matter what so that you stay happy. No matter how toxic the activity may seem, if it keeps you happy and sane, I’d say continue doing it. But most importantly, SEEK HELP, ASK FOR HELP, FIND HELP. Don’t die inside, ask to be helped if you seem to be always sad, or get panic attacks which keep recurring, or you just don’t know what is wrong but you feel something is wrong.

disclaimer: this was written once, without any editing because I felt i might just delete it if I read through it so I apologise for any spelling or punctuation errors. Thank you for reading my blog.

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