7 minutes in heaven

I met you on a cold rainy day in winter, after a long time drooling over the moment we would eventually meet. After several months of conversing through social media, I had already created a picture of how our first meet up would be but it was nothing compared to how it actually was. I... Continue Reading →

Here, We keep it moving

It started off as a joke A joke turned into a movement A movement which quickly gained momentum Momentum which soon created friendships Friendships which should last a lifetime A lifetime is what we wished it lasted It lasted shorter but now we move We move because here, we keep it moving

piece of me

in the light im still in the dark you were in the right i was left with a piece of me gone a piece gone because of ignorance ignorance which blew up in my face because now im in the dark wishing you were here to light it up i try to pretend i am... Continue Reading →

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