This past weekend, I took a trip to Leeds by rail and upon my trip back from Leeds to Norwich, I got an upgrade of my ticket from Standard to First Class on the train from Leeds to Peterborough. After years of travelling using coaches and having them as my preferred mode of transport, I... Continue Reading →

want to, can’t u

Sometimes I just wanna hold you, especially when we are in the same room. Scariest thing though is that, I can’t, but not because you’re not mine, but because my mind won’t let me. I fear that maybe you don’t want to hold me, I feel that maybe you want him, but most of all,... Continue Reading →

record time

It felt like there was a gap in the blankets because he could feel a cold breeze hitting him from somewhere as he laid on his bed trying to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep before school begun the following day. Just as his mind began cooperating and he was about to catch... Continue Reading →

Ruined moments?

Despite our history, there you were, looking at me, eyes glittering under the fairy lights, licking your lower lips. I kept looking around the room trying to find an anchor which I would use to come back to reality in case anything ever became too much. Searching around the room trying to find the perfect... Continue Reading →

Cold Winters pickup

As far as cold winters go, this one wasn’t the worst one ever. The moment had finally come, where I was going to get a chance to see you. This was a moment I had been anticipating for the longest while. I felt like a child as they waited for their parents to come back... Continue Reading →

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