Cold Winters pickup

As far as cold winters go, this one wasn’t the worst one ever. The moment had finally come, where I was going to get a chance to see you. This was a moment I had been anticipating for the longest while. I felt like a child as they waited for their parents to come back from the shop with the tou they had promised to get them, checking the time every minute. This other time when I checked the clock, it showed I had another two and a half hours of anticipation to go before my present actually arrived. The problem with anticipation was that, the more you built it up, the more it tends to disappoint you but this time, I told myself it wouldn’t do that. I kept my optimism levels high and even decided to keep my happy heart preoccupied with something I also enjoyed being next to me, FIFA.

On any other day though, FIFA would have kept me completely occupied, but not on this day. Like a pot boiling off, my lid couldn’t be controlled. I decided, “what’s the point in trying to hide,” then went ahead to sit by the stairs waiting for it. I looked at myself in the mirror for a split second, and in that moment I realised I was happiest just anticipating the arrival of my gift.

When the call came in that my ‘package’ was a few minutes away, I quickly got ready to go get it. I thought I would have to go far to get my gift, but before I knew, as I opened the door, it was right there, waiting for me and my heart lit up once more and in that moment, I was truly happy.

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