record time

It felt like there was a gap in the blankets because he could feel a cold breeze hitting him from somewhere as he laid on his bed trying to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep before school begun the following day. Just as his mind began cooperating and he was about to catch some sleep, he noticed the light in the room increase. With a peep through his curtains, he saw that the sun was already rising, with the dark sky disappearing into a gloomy grey colour as it looked like the rain was going to continue through the morning. It had been raining heavily the whole night but at that exact moment, the situation seemed to be getting better with only a slight drizzle.

Slowly and unwillingly, he forced his body to move from the bed, with each successful little conviction feeling more like a death sentence than a success as he was also against the idea of leaving the warm bed he had been curled up in the entire night. He eventually managed to fully convince himself to get to the shower, going in and out in his usual record time of 2 full songs.

It wasn’t long he was back in his room, choosing the outfit for the day, canvassing through the heap of clothes on his chair.

“Yeah this looks decent and clean enough,” he said to himself as he settled for the white t-shirt and blue jeans he worn about a week ago. It was the moment before he put them on that he missed listening to a record as he started his day. Living alone was single handedly the best decision he had made as he could walk wherever, however, without worrying that anyone would say anything to him. He pulled himself to the living room, butt-naked and without a single care in the world, walked over to the little corner which was turning into a little shrine, where he kept his records and record player.

When he got there, he ran his fingers over the two dozen records in his case, canvassing through them, scavenging for the right one until he laid his fingers on it.

“There you are!” He uttered out loud as he pulled out one of his favourite records; Coldplay’s Ghost Stories. It had been a couple of years since his ex got it for him on his birthday and despite the relationship not ending on good terms, he still cherished the tape nonetheless.

“No matter the memories you come with baby, you are still my favourite.” He said this as he raised it towards his mouth to slowly kiss it. At that exact moment, he knew that if anyone saw him, in this form, butt naked, in the middle of the room, talking to his record as if it was human and kissing it, they would probably lock him up in the loony bin but he had reached a point in his life where it didn’t matter what people thought because he was actually happy.

He placed the record down on the player, took one last breath before he got into his feelings, then pressed play and just sunk into the hole he so deeply wanted to be in. When the album started playing, he knew the perfect way to enjoy such a masterpiece and began walking to the kitchen. ‘You are going to be a bit late for your meeting though,’ he thought to himself as he went to his glass cabinet. He pulled out the short cute glass from the back of the pack, paced it on the counter and began looking for the complementary item. The cabinet by the right corner was the first place he checked, nothing. The fridge was the next location he searched in, nothing. It was in the moment he was about to quit that he realised that the last location he placed it was in the freezer. Slowly and hopefully, he reached for the freezer handle, pulled it wide open and there, in front of him peaking from the third drawer was his cold bottle of Bailey’s, ice cold, with frost on the side of the bottle, just the way he liked it.

He slowly poured the drink into his glass and watched as the milky liqueur poured slowly into the glass, touching and colouring the side of the glass on its way to the brink of spilling over. He licked the bit dripping off of the side of the bottle, closed it up and put it back in the freezer, promising himself that he would not forget where he put it the next time he needed it. With delayed, slow steps, to prevent his drink from spilling over, he headed back to the living room where his favourite album had just started playing ‘Magic’. Sitting down and taking the very first sip of his refreshing drink, he realised that in that moment, he felt more alive than ever.

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