Party setting

He was this strange creature standing alone by the edge of the kitchen counter. He looked like a mystery, that guy with his dreads, studying the room as if waiting for someone to ask him who he was. He caught a glimpse of me looking at him, but I played it off with a giggle and immediately took a gulp of the choice of beverage in my hand at that time; brandy maybe or beer, I do not quite remember. Some moments later, I approached where he was standing, not to talk to him but to pour myself the bottle of brandy he unknowingly was placed right in front of him. No words were exchanged in that moment, just two people caught in this awkward unnecessary moment. Just as I was about to mention how thick the tension was as a form of an icebreaker before I introduced myself, the owner of the place rushed into the kitchen to make some sort of an announcement. Right after the quick announcement, which was for whoever left their alcohol spilling in the room, to go get it before it was thrown out, I then went back to dancing, forgetting about the stranger in the party.

As I was having fun and partying like a ‘crackhead’ on cocaine, I heard someone call out a name from across the room which I didn’t recognise and the reply came from the mystery person at the corner of the room. Finally the mystery face had a name to it; Bob. Bob in the corner, watching everyone from a distance, not drinking, just watching. I know I am not giving Bob a good image as I make him seem like a ‘peeping Tom’ of some sorts or a serial killer waiting for his next victim, but it wasn’t like that. Bob was just this friendly looking person who I had starred at for so long that I was intrigued to see if they were as cool as I made them out to be in my head. I decided to continue with the party and not worry too much about Bob as this was starting to seem a bit obsessive.

A bit later into the night, as I began tiring out and feeling exhausted, I decided to collect my thoughts in the room I was sleeping in so that I could compose myself make it through the night. Entering the room, I took a quick glance at my phone, noticing that the time was 04:35 and feeling a bit tired, I ended up throwing myself on the bed without noticing that someone was already in the room. I heard an “Oh sorry I didn’t know this was your room,” which startled me for I could not identify the voice of the person saying those words and because I genuinely thought I was alone in the room. Turning around to take a look at the person where the words came from, I noticed that it was the mystery guy; Bob. My immediate response was an “I’m sorry, I did not see you there,” followed by a rather embarrassed look on my face. As I stood to leave, he reassured me that it was alright and since I needed to get away from the party, I decided to stay. We ended up having a heartfelt conversation for about half an hour about writing, the party, why he doesn’t drink and why he was in the room not sleeping. The more I talked to him, the more I realised how much I had in common with him. After a night spent just having fun, this intellectual conversation I had with this stranger who could’ve killed me became one of the highlights of the night. Ever since then, I still talk to Bob whenever I get a chance to.

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