“So Mimie, how long has it been since we actually hanged out? Five years?”

These words were what til this day I based whatever we had on because when I look back, these were actually the words that sparked up this conversation.

“You know you just ghosted me out of your life, as if we were never quite close? Why was that though?”

I might have omitted some parts in the beginning about my relationship with Jack. Jack and I were a lot closer than I loved to lead on at first. Jack moved into our neighbourhood when I was only eight months and we were the only under 5 years children in the neighbourhood, so we played together inevitably. We became as close as two polarised metals, sticking to each other with people calling us twins because of the uncanny resemblance we had when we were kids. Some confused us for siblings because of how much we looked alike, which we did not mind because he was like my big ‘small’ brother and I was his little sister. We spent every dying second together, enjoying each other’s company all the time, laughing and protecting the other all the time.

Our parents used to be close, that was until my mom left my dad, which caused a bit of a drift on their relationship, but they were always friendly with each other. Our mothers knew each other long before they came to live in the neighbourhood so the moment they came, the transition to them becoming close was automatic. With time after my parents split, their relationship slowly eroded away. To this day, I think the fallout was caused by my mom feeling a bit jealous. I heard my mom tell our helper on occasions that “no one could be that perfect”. She would never admit it, but I am sure she envied the way their family was so perfect. Despite that, my mom had a way of not showing how she actually felt about everyone else, as she managed to suppress her feelings about everyone else, sometimes putting a poker face on when she was with them.

Despite the evident drift between our families, Jack and I remained close, ended up in the same primary school and spent the majority of our childhood together. He even protected me when my first bully, Maya, confronted me in front of everyone by the tuck-shop. Maya was the brown girl in the class who everyone was afraid of, probably because of her early growth spout which made her stand at 6 foot in primary school, making her a terrifying figure. She had terrorised me for my first term in the fourth grade until I notified Jack of her. He turned into my knight in shinning amour and everyone knew how close we were.

That was, until I…

[To be continued]

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