I dreamt about you last night It felt so real I could feel your touch I could taste the food you made for me Felt so real that it tasted like last time You told me not to worry Not to worry about anything Because you're watching over me Over me, each and every day... Continue Reading →


This is a story about Christmas, a day I used to look forward to because of all the fun, games, family events and food but has now taken a different direction to what it used to be. "It's Christmas Day, kids!" My favourite words growing up Until I finally grew up And realised that I... Continue Reading →


Everything i tried, felt insufficient Never felt like I was doing enough or was enough Even though I technically gave it my all My all was just that... insufficient I googled the 'how tos' How to keep your girl happy How to make your girl like you more How to not kill yourself Every how... Continue Reading →

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