This is a story about Christmas, a day I used to look forward to because of all the fun, games, family events and food but has now taken a different direction to what it used to be.

"It's Christmas Day, kids!"
My favourite words growing up
Until I finally grew up
And realised that I now had to provide
Provide all the nice gifts
Provide all the food eaten
Provide all the love given
Provide, supply, suffer

A day once cherished
Cherished greatly and loved by me
Became a constant reminder 
Reminder that we were now grown up
Reminder that cooperations rip us off at this time
Reminder that not everything about Christmas is jolly
Reminder, prompt, pain

When it is all said and done
Christmas still has a few fun memories about it
Memories made with family
Memories made on vacations
Memories that last an eternity
Memories, reminders, love

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