First hit

We used to run away together to smoke cigarettes and I'd throw stones on your window so your mom wouldn’t know I was there. She always thought I was a bad influence and I let her believe that even though we started because of you, but she didn't need to know that. You were the... Continue Reading →

Anti-Xeno, Pro-Rainbow

"You ready to do this, Captain?" At what point does one decide to turn back? The patriotism and adrenaline which had been pumping through each crew member had, at that point, almost depleted out. It was time for them to live up to their name and actually take on the initiative. "Forty-six hours into the... Continue Reading →

the end of the tunnel

This was the moment he had been reading about; the defining moment. After reading so many books and listening to podcasts talking about seizing the moment and opportunity, it was actually time to seize. For the first time in his life, he decided to just jump into it without overthinking anything, putting his all into... Continue Reading →

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