the end of the tunnel

This was the moment he had been reading about; the defining moment. After reading so many books and listening to podcasts talking about seizing the moment and opportunity, it was actually time to seize. For the first time in his life, he decided to just jump into it without overthinking anything, putting his all into the only thing that would probably save his life.

It had been a difficult year for him. When the year began, he was filled with tons amounts of optimism of where he would be at the end of it. His business, Jugin, had launched the previous years so he had high hopes for it. “With the right amount of marketing and effort placed into this, I think it could start generating us revenue at the end of the year,” he told his main stakeholder. After years of fighting to get an opportunity to expand into the market, he got it through his investor who paid 80% of his start up costs. The council had approved his land improvement idea so construction had commenced for the offices where he was to set up, hoping first of many.

His love life was also heading in a positive direction, having just got engaged to Sarah. He knew from the first date, that he wanted to spend his life with her. She was a medical practitioner in a town near his and they had met initially at Josh’s birthday party, as she was friends with Josh’s girlfriend. They kicked it off from the get go and went on their first date within a month of meeting. Staring at her sitting across of him during their one year anniversary, he knew that it was time to propose. He had chosen the ring a couple of months back and had it in his pocket on every date, kept convincing himself that he was ready, and when he popped the questions, he had no doubts she was the one.

Fast forward to the end of the year and everything was falling apart. Apart from Sarah, everything was going in the worst direction. His main investor had withdrawn his support and withdrawn 90% of his funding over investment quarrels. After intially agreeing to be a silent partner, the investor was being ‘louder’ than he expected and that led to a few quarrels. Even though it was an impossible decision to make, he had to cut off the deal and lose his biggest step in his career. Just as his was about to let go though, there came an email.

We’ve been following your progress throughout the year and wanted to offer you a …

“This was the light, the opp, at the end of the tunnel you always dreamt of Josh, seize it,” he could hear his late father telling him in his head.

art by: Picasso

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