Anti-Xeno, Pro-Rainbow

“You ready to do this, Captain?”

At what point does one decide to turn back? The patriotism and adrenaline which had been pumping through each crew member had, at that point, almost depleted out. It was time for them to live up to their name and actually take on the initiative.

“Forty-six hours into the voyage, in course for the estimated Fifty hours ’til reaching the second blackhole, where we lost connection with Ryder 42. We don’t know what more to expect, having way passed everyone’s estimation given that the Russians completed the ship a week after R-42 disappeared. Mission status still the same as earlier on; on-going. Michael has regained consciousness from the earlier knock with a UFO, having sustained a few injuries. It is about time to make them pay for what they did to us,” Captain Michael relayed this back to the space station. They knew that it would take nearly four hours for the message to arrive and they had to keep sending messages every five hours, as a precaution of course. R-42’s disappearance was discovered because of a lack of communication, with no one knowing if it was because of exo-galaxic interference but there was no trace of them in any available radar.

It had been exactly a month since the attack on Earth. Despite the readiness for any attack on the planet, no one could have predicted what came. Numerous ships arrived with very little warning, evading all warning systems until reaching the moon, and by that time everyone had seventeen minutes to get all the systems ready. Without little warning, the first one hit the capital of the world, London, and almost simultaneously 10 more ships hit other major capitals around the world; Tokyo, Beijing, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai.

The mass destruction was indescribably.

‘The biggest attack on Earth since New Years 2047.’

‘Worst defence by any side since Barcelona’s in 2020.’

Headlines were all over, with no news station able to describe what happened properly, probably because most of their transmissions were cut off.

Clean up began a week after everything occurred and was still on going at the time.

“Ship to Station, it is your Captain speaking. We have made it past the last point where R-42 was discovered. It looks like the ship was disintegrated by something, with only several pieces still left floating. The crew is still…” Something hit the shit at that moment. “Mayday Mayday! We are being attacked by… Oh my-“

All communication was lost with the ship, as the world laid back awaiting to find out the fate of everything.

Art by: Picasso T

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