“At the end of the day, you get to come back home and relax,” Tom said to himself in the bathroom mirror as he prepared for his first day.

“Dude! Are you..okay? It’s been an hour, we’re going to be late,” his new roommate whispered on the door from the outside.

Lucky for Tom, Josh, his roommate, was a cool guy. They had moved into their new apartment the previous week, had a party with some friends and got to know each other more. They had a lot more in common than they both anticipated in the beginning. Josh was the lovable guy at every party, 6ft 5 tall, athletic, had a clean fade which complemented his caramel skin pretty well. On top of that, he was a social butterfly, making more acquaintances during the first week than Tom managed throughout his high school. Despite him being a polar opposite to what Tom was, he was a friendly guy. Tom was glad that the guy who put out the ad on Craigslist for a roommate wasn’t a total weirdo. They found a common ground like every teenager in video games, of which they both ended up liking similar common titles from Fifa to Call of Duty, so that became a start of a very peculiar but beneficial for both of them.

It was the first lesson of the day, of the year, of his entire college experience, AP History, and Tom was already running late for that. Really no one to blame unless the traffic was a culprit one could use as an excuse. Either way, the hallroom should be packed given that it is almost a compulsory on many courses so no one would notice him coming in late, well he thought. Navigating the giant campus was not going to be a problem for Tom as he had already been there for a complete assessment of where everything was. He had this tradition of checking out where eh was going to be the previous day of everything, either in person or on google maps. The previous night after a gaming session with Josh, he decided to go into campus, just to check out all the facilities and make sure that he doesn’t get the ‘Freshers rush’ of not knowing where anything was and getting completely lost. It took himnearly three hours to get everything known, by which the time was 3 am already.

“Thanks for the ride Sir, I’ll be sure to leave a good…” before he could finish, the taxi was off to another destination. Oh well, it was now time for him to face the environment, the faces and surprisingly, given that he was going to be a tad bit late, his anxiety wasn’t creeping on as it usually did.

‘It is probably the weed we did this morning before Josh left,’ ran through his mind as he was surprisingly calm. Rushing a bit to classs, as he opened the door, he was met by a complete shock compared to what he expected. There were only about a handful, probably a dozen students in the entire lecture room, a lecture room which could intake a hundred plus or minus students.

“Nice for you to join us finally Mr…”

Argh not a nice to join us on the first day!

It was at this moment, all that he was high on, his high ledge, just disappeared and he felt so embarrased.

“Just kidding man, come on in, I was just baout to play a trailer of my favourite upcoming movie.”

Maybe this year wasn’t going to be half horrible given how chilled the lecturer was, he thought, but little did he know that his experience in the old campus was just starting.

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