Part 2

The first part was always the easiest, pretty much doing nothing for the first few weeks of college except forming relations and just getting your clock started that you’re really going to be locked into an institution for the next couple of years. Sometimes, it felt like a prison, with a set schedule, a lot of concrete walls, some governing authority, just that leaving here was easier than in real prison.

“This is not that hard,” Tom said to his best friend Nat as he was giving her an overview of how his week had gone. From the almost disaster of the first AP lesson, to pretty much everything else passing in a flash, nothing big enough had happened in his first hours to tell. The important bits were more about his social, which shocking to Nat, was bigger than he had anticipated.

Nat and Tom had been friends since Nat moved into the street with his single mom, who had just gotten out of a toxic marriage and flew half way across the country with Nat to start over. Nat had pretty little communication with his father since the divorce, but he didn’t matter, the entire community was so supportive and in constant interaction that he never really got time to miss him. The pair met a week after Nat had moved into the neighbourhood, with his mom hosting a break session in order to introduce Nat’s mom to the community. Tom had struggled to get along with the other kids but Nat’s arrival opened him up more, and now he is in touch with most of them. Their love for technology and science was their initial connection, sparking continuous conversations and debates about what was better, or how 2020 was going to look, if the Big Bang Theory was a myth and some other conspiracy stories. Their nonstop debates continued even at the moment, causing their friendship to blossom through weird interactions and leading to an unbreakable bond.

It had been a week since college started and things were looking up. He had just completed the last lecture of the second week and met this one guy, Matt, in his Advanced Maths class, who invited him over to a frat party.

“Is it cool I bring my housemate along, he is pretty much into this kind of stuff,” Tom said knowing that Josh had been looking for a fraternity to fraternize with, after numerous failed parties. After the week they had both had, nonstop classes and assignments, it would probably help to get some relaxation time in.

Not liking to be late to anything as usual because getting into full rooms of people usually drove his anxiety through the roof, he begun getting ready for the evening event pretty much in the afternoon. They already had a couple of beers remaining from the last party so at least they had something to bring along, although Matt had stated there would be a keg, Tom always felt it was rude to arrive at someone’s party or place without a gift of some sort. For his first ever party growing up, he had brought the birthday boy an entire cake, as he couldn’t quite contemplate what they actually needed. ‘Snacks would’ve sufficed but what if the cake had run out already because of how late he was going to arrive,’ he kept thinking to himself when he was justifying the decision. At least college was easier, a few drinks would suffice at any social gathering or a box of pizza because who didn’t love some good pizza at any party.

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