This is a story about Christmas, a day I used to look forward to because of all the fun, games, family events and food but has now taken a different direction to what it used to be. "It's Christmas Day, kids!" My favourite words growing up Until I finally grew up And realised that I... Continue Reading →


Everything i tried, felt insufficient Never felt like I was doing enough or was enough Even though I technically gave it my all My all was just that... insufficient I googled the 'how tos' How to keep your girl happy How to make your girl like you more How to not kill yourself Every how... Continue Reading →


"is my all not good for her?" words i never thought i would say "is there something i can do to avoid the inevitable?" moments i dreaded were finally here "do i leave before it all goes south?" thoughts i knew she was also thinking "should i say something one last time about this?" songs... Continue Reading →

I remember

I remember when I was 10 I made friends with the new boy in our class I told my teacher about our great friendship and she laughed But I was convinced he would be the best man at my wedding We don't even talk when we meet now I remember when I was 13 I... Continue Reading →

At the bottom

I look into my glass and ask, "Where is that happiness I was told about when I was younger?" "The one found by many men at the bottom of their glass," "The one that my older brother couldn't looking for as he drank every week," "Where is thy happiness they promised?" One last time, I... Continue Reading →


Dear, Throughout it all, I gave it everything that I had. I had always been told that sometimes "everything is not enough" but had yet to experience it. They define failure as a lack of success but is it failure if we had originally agreed not to have any expectations and take it slow? "Thing... Continue Reading →


Do you remember? The last time you saw them? The last time you held their hand? The last time you said you love them? The last time you were happy with them? The last time you went out with them? The last time you told a little lie to them? The last time you celebrated... Continue Reading →

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