Come back to me

I kept on wishing and hoping That you would come back to me and tell me that you made a mistake That I was the one you wanted to be with and he didn't matter But you never did any of those and I am left holding onto a dream. My friends tried to warn... Continue Reading →

Long for you

"I long for you..." She sent to me at 03.32 "Hello? did you hear me?" Her follow-up at 03.35 "What happened was a mistake." She again sent "He did not mean anything. I promise." The texts kept coming "I know you are hurt but please talk to me." The last one went. Are you sure... Continue Reading →


That was until I hit puberty. It was at the dawn of my pubescent years that I noticed that things were becoming different. I know that he also noticed it, just that he would not remember precisely the time. Everything just changed from there onwards. I began being a bit more conscious of how I... Continue Reading →


"So Mimie, how long has it been since we actually hanged out? Five years?" These words were what til this day I based whatever we had on because when I look back, these were actually the words that sparked up this conversation. "You know you just ghosted me out of your life, as if we... Continue Reading →


I could never be who I was with you because I feared you. You were the guy whom I had always had a crush on since I was in fourth grade. You were the one who grew down my street, always passing by in you bike, doing one wheeled tricks, trying to impress everyone but... Continue Reading →

What’s on up there?

Ring Ring. This was his first call of the day, which inevitably woke him up from the loop he was stuck in. Glancing towards the clock which was laying on the right side of his table, it read just after 11am. Yet another day was passing without him actually talking to anyone in the office.... Continue Reading →

Party setting

He was this strange creature standing alone by the edge of the kitchen counter. He looked like a mystery, that guy with his dreads, studying the room as if waiting for someone to ask him who he was. He caught a glimpse of me looking at him, but I played it off with a giggle... Continue Reading →

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